CEO, Lysimachos Zografos, Ph.D.

Lysimachos obtained his PhD from the University of Edinburgh where he worked on systems neurobiology in health and disease, focusing on research comparing the mammalian and Drosophila synapses. Because of his academic background, he has a keen interest in central nervous system diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease. After completing his PhD, he obtained an extensive industry experience planning, managing and implementing CRO projects and also managing the R&D department of Brainwave-Discovery Ltd. There he developed a number of screening assays using Drosophila. These assays have applications in the fields of drug toxicity screening, drug discovery and neurodegeneration. He has been involved in the development, proof-of-concept testing and scale-up of the screening technology used at Parkure from the first day. Lysimachos is interested in bringing together innovative and established scientific findings to form fast and efficient high-throughput screening solutions with applications in fields where these features are key, such as the drug discovery industry. Moreover, he is very interested in ethical approaches, and is driven to apply these solutions to solve big problems in order to make the biggest positive impact possible.


Non-executive Director, Ron James, Ph.D.

Ron combines extensive business management and investment experience. Ron has an industrial chemistry background with Glaxo and Wilkinson Match/Sword Ltd. In the venture capital sector he was responsible for directing   a range of technology investments and served on the Board of six companies, managing a portfolio then valued at £23  million and including the quoted biotechnology companies AxisShield, British Biotechnology, PPL and Kone Labmedics Ltd. He then became the Managing Director of PPL Therapeutics plc, managing that company’s growth from a VC backed start up to an international quoted company with over 150 staff. He has also been a business advisor to Scottish Enterprise and Chairman of Biopta Ltd. and AquaPharm Bio-Discovery Ltd.. He is now also a Non-Executive Director for Haemostatix Ltd.. Ron brings to Parkure proven skills in all aspects of growing a business, investor relations, stock exchange listing and commercial collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies.


Non-executive Director, R. Wayne Davies, Ph.D. D.Sc

Wayne combines international level scientific achievement with extensive business experience. He was Vice-President   for Science of Allelix Biopharmaceuticals in Canada, and CEO of Neuropa Ltd. and UmanGenomics AB. He is currently CEO of Brainwave-Discovery Ltd. and Scientific Director of Pathfinder Cell Therapy Inc. Wayne was also Professor of Biotechnology at the University of Glasgow, and is now an Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh. He is an expert in genetics, molecular biology and neuroscience, with many publications in major scientific journals. He was elected as a member of the prestigious European Molecular Biology Organisation for his pioneering work on RNA catalysis. Among other achievements, he was instrumental in developing a rat Parkinson’s disease model and showed that loss of PKCg function caused parkinsonism. Wayne brings directly relevant scientific and biotechnology business experience to Parkure.


Non-executive Director, J. Douglas Armstrong, Ph.D.

Douglas is an expert in Drosophila genetics, molecular biology, computing and informatics and is active in a number of business networks in the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to his position as a Professor at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics, Douglas holds Chief Scientific Officer positions for Brainwave Discovery Ltd. and Actual Analytics Ltd. He provides core bioinformatics, synthetic biology, Drosophila neurogenetics and behaviour expertise to the company.


Business Advisor, Gavin Spencer, Ph.D.

Gavin has a broad international strategic and operational experience in Life Sciences for over 20 years. With a strong business acumen supported by a solid scientific background his responsibilities have included Board level, in biotech and multinational companies, covering development through to supporting commercialisation of products. Among others, his key accomplishments include initiating and negotiating out-licensing and research collaborations of in-house technology resulting in over €43 million in upfront & license payments, total biodollar value over €525 million plus royalties. He has completed over 20 transactions, including out-licensing deals with Pfizer, Merck and Bausch & Lomb among others. He has managed multiple collaborations and ad hoc teams from research through development to commercial across multiple therapy areas.


Lead Scientist, Katarzyna Styczyńska-Soczka, Ph.D.

Katarzyna has obtained her PhD from the University of Edinburgh where she worked on function and transcriptional regulation of peripheral nervous system genes in Drosophila. She has over 6 years experience in molecular biology lab and has extensive expertise in Drosophila genetics, as well as behavioural analysis of neurodegeneration in Drosophila. Having obtained her BSc in biotechnology in medicine she is driven to transfer her skills and knowledge to medical applications with impact on health in general.