Parkure in the news: crowdfunding for a good cause.

Parkure is a new venture with the sole mission of finding drugs that stop Parkinson’s disease by blocking the degeneration process, the approach most likely to lead to a cure. We recently got mentioned in a BBC news article about crowdfunding and thought it would be good to share our views on this.

Parkure is driven by a firm belief in our potential to make a positive impact to society with our discoveries. We want to establish and maintain a direct relationship with those who want to contribute to our effort, either because they are affected by Parkinson’s disease or just moved by our cause. Solving a problem this big can only be the result of collective effort and we at Parkure want to share both the ethical as well as the financial returns by “crowdpowering” our effort.

We feel that crowdfunding not only reflects our own ethos, but will also be a major force behind ethical investments in the future. Parkure will use the Edinburgh based equity crowdfunding website ShareIn because of their focus on health and technology and the excellent platform they offer. Watch this space for more updates on our upcoming campaign…

Author: Lysimachos Zografos

CEO of Parkure Ltd.

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