Parkure Ltd has been founded to solve a problem. The problem is that, despite many scientific advances, there is still no sign of a cure for Parkinson’s disease. What do we mean by a cure? A cure is a treatment that stops the nerve cell degeneration process in its tracks.

Why is there this problem? The biology of Parkinson’s disease is complex, so that the well-established protein target-based drug development approaches used by industry have not worked so far.

Parkure is taking a different approach – to use a brain affected by Parkinson’s disease to test treatments. This approach, also known as in vivo drug discovery, provides a better simulation of the disease. In turn this both allows for the discovery of new targets but also de-risks the downstream development process.

Parkure is unique as a company in both its commitment to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease and the way we are going about it. Parkure will focus on early stage discovery and drug development, but will seek partners to take these discoveries to market.

If you, like us, care passionately that Parkinson’s disease must be stopped, then join us and register as a Supporter.